Engineering, EPC, Civil & Architecture

From engineering/EPC projects to materials and technology and everything in between, including all types of administrative and contractual documentation.

In order for a project, product or service to be successful in today's international and global context, it is essential to overcome the technical linguistic barrier, by ensuring terminological accuracy and the overall quality of written documentation.

Following are some of the typical fields and document types we translate routinely.

  • Technical specifications and documents
  • Drawings, designs and technical studies and instructions
  • Engineering projects
  • Plants and processes
  • Construction and civil works
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Machinery, equipment and instrumentation
  • Tenders and bids, RFIs, RFPs
  • Contracts, NDAs, MOUs, LOIs


Global leader in engineering, EPC and technology


Spanish leading transportation and infrastructure engineering and consulting firm

Grupo Avintia

One of Spain's leading firms in real estate asset construction, maintenance and management


(today Airtificial)

Oerlikon Metco

Global leader in coating, alloys and materials technology


Technology innovation firm specializing in water network analysi, leak detection and control


Experts in comprehensive software simulation solutions