Technical translation services for companies, projects and institutions

Experience and reliability at our clients' service

Assisting our clients since 2009

with their renewable energy and energy transition projects in Spain and abroad

Avoid risks of misinterpretation or miscomprehension of EHS information

Ensure end-to-end document quality inside and outside your organization

Ensure high standards of quality and optimal documentation flow

in highly demanding and complex sectors such as engineering, construction and turnkey/EPC projects

Successfully and seamlessly implement

sustainability and environmental policies, procedures and ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) initiatives in your organization's international scope

Supporting document translations for companies across their various functional areas and departments

We work shoulder to shoulder with different functional areas to meet their multilingual communication needs, including HR, Legal, IT, Communication, Operations and Corporate.

Supporting Spain's scientific research and academic community since 2009

Translation of scientific papers for publication in internationally recognized indexed journals. Over 40 scientific papers and articles published to date for university and public research organizations!

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Why GeoTranslations

Guarantee the quality and reliability of your company's documentation

Optimize costs, save and time and internal efforts

Ensure effective management and operations thanks to fluent and seamless communication

Boost your corporate image through a proper use of languages across your activities

Our areas of specialization

From civil and communications to
transportation and logistics

Equipment and technology, as well as
broader scopes such as airports and projects

From wind, solar and hydroelectric, to tidal, geothermal and biomass/biofuels

Technical language and terminology at its finest, spanning diverse project scenarios and disciplines

From O&G and mining to geotechnical engineering and environmental geology


Aeronautical & Aerospace

Energy and Renewables

Engineering, EPC, Civil & Architecture


ESG, Environment & Climate Change

Quality, Health & Safety and Compliance

Scientific papers and publications                                         

Business & Technology

Supporting our clients in their care and concern for the environment, climate change and proper governance

Boosting our clients' performance through accurate documentation

Helping researchers and science professionals publish quality work in recognized scientific journals

Assisting functional areas, processes and operations

Hi, welcome!

I'm Omar Tarzi, founder, manager and translator at GeoTranslations. Since 2009 we provide impeccable technical and generic translation services to companies, organizations and scientific and academic entities. Pleased to meet you!

Knowledge and experience

In the industries and sectors we specialize in

Omar Tarzi

Founder, Manager and Translator

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An impeccable service founded on professional rigor and trust

Satisfied clients

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Companies, organizations and projects

Our clients benefit from...

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Reliability and professionalism
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Improved communication
  • Improved corporate image
  • Operational rigor
  • 10/5 linguistic assistance
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