Ensure the quality and availability of project and tender documentation. Avoid bottlenecks and stoppages in projects due to lack of properly translated documentation and delivered on time.

All phases of an engineering, construction and procurement (EPC) project generate huge amounts of documentation which, in the case of international projects, needs to be translated correctly while keeping an eye on terminology. Translation of documents in this type of projects is a critical aspect in these situations, requiring good coordination with the client and ensuring delivery deadlines. This avoids generating bottlenecks and stoppages in project planning and execution due to lack of documentation or to translations of insufficient quality. Another typical situation has to do with documentation for tenders, where the same problem arises and can lead to failing to meet tender document submittal deadlines, late submittal or discarding participation in the tender altogether due to lack of translated documentation. Here are some of the typical documents that we routinely translate.

  • Tenders, technical proposals and technical specifications
  • Drawings, designs and technical studies and instructions
  • Descriptions and specifications of products and processes, operating manuals, software, etc.
  • Contracts, LOIs, NDAs, procedures


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